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Wakeuporelse PMA 

A Christian Fellowship 

For The Truther Community



Providing Biblical Analysis

Of The Mandela Effect




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  • Monday at 2:00 pm Est – Recovery Fellowship

  • Monday at 8:00 pm Est American State National Train & Support

  • Friday at 7:00 pm Est  Truther Fellowship











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If your journey down the proverbial rabbit hole has cost you friends and family, destroyed your marriage, convinced loved ones that you are crazy, and has made your life a veil of tears, this book is for you.


Paul Grafton Holt  BA, BTH MA, DA

This Is truly a monumental work of distinction. You don’t have to be a Christian (as the author is) to enjoy reading this work. Its informative on a plethora of subjects from Cestui Que Vie Trusts (you need to know this if nothing else), the Mandela Effect and why its important right now especially (things are miraculously changing in front of our eyes – physics is now very much quantum/meta physics) and even the Flat Earth and why it offers a more compelling explanation over the spinning ball theory we’ve all grown up with – no really. The authors enthusiasm for his subject matter shines through in every page and sweeps you up and along with him. This is a page turner and I finished it in a day and a half. The agony of his personal journey is emotionally absorbing and inspiring. I commend this book to anyone who has ever grappled with convincing others that not every conspiracy is a theory.

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