John's Flat Earth Challenge

This is my Flat Earth Challenge that breaks down the mind control that causes people to resist what is obviously taking place and challenges you to answer one simple question.

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Admiral Byrd Testimony

Here's an interview with Admiral Byrd after he came back from what you have been told is the South Pole.  He tells you that there is an "area as big as the United States that has never been seen by a human being and that's beyond the pole, on the other side of the South pole."  Either he is lying or all of the governments of the world are lying to you.  

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Antarctic Treaty System

Did you ever here of the Antarctic Treaty System?  All the governments of the world got together after Admiral Byrd's discovery and agreed to keep the "South Pole" a secret.  The South Pole is actually an ice wall that surrounds the flat land mass you know as the ball earth. (What are they trying to hide?)

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Eric Dubey - 200 Proofs

Here is "200 Proofs the Earth is not a spinning ball" by Eric Dubey. This is a comprehensive overview of this topic covering a variety of observations. CLICK HERE to watch the video