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Volunteer Section

Help us identify Pastors, and "Truther" Influencers that we can contact regarding the persecution of Truthers (ie Book Tour) & the Mandela Effect

How to Submit Contacts

1) Check the Master Influencer List (below) to see if they are already on the list

2) You can send them in one at a time using the form on this page, or download the blank spread sheet below, fill it up, and then email it to me at;

Thanks' for being awesome!


Where to Find Them

  • Social Media

  • Radio

  • Print

  • TV 

  • Conventions

  • Documentaries


Please enter as much info about the person as you can.  

Field Descriptions

Platform = What platform are they on  ie YouTube, Rumble, Radio, Blog etc

Influencer Message Type = What is their primary message ie Flat earth, Mandela, Christian, Patriot, New age etc.

Do they do interviews = Yes / No

Channel - What is the name of their channel

Contact me with questions

    Thanks for submitting!

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