The Conspiracy Theorist Survival Guide

A Guidebook For Persecuted Truthers

By John Kirwin


I Couldn't Put it Down!

May 10th 2023

"I've got to say - you nailed it! Being a "conspiracy theorist" myself, the book was thoroughly engaging, truly philosophical with poignant insights and metaphors. It made me feel equipped to continue my journey with confidence and be able to understand why others buy into the "conspiracy theory" name-calling trap. I've enjoyed reading it for 3 straight nights and can honestly say that there is nothing to add. A book beautifully written for the mental health of the "truther" falsely accused of being a nutjob!"

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Why are conspiracy theorists persecuted?

It seems that most of humanity has been trained to attack those that decide to challenge certain narratives coming from OfficialDUM. This book provides support and guidance for those who have found themselves being labeled as "conspiracy theorists."

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This book will help you to;

• Identify these shaming attacks.

• Learn how to respond.

• Fulfill your destiny.

The Conspiracy Theorist Survival Guide;

• Will reveal thoughts and feelings you didn’t know you had.

• Answers the question, “Why can’t people see?”

• Addresses common issues that Truthers struggle with, once they admit publicly that they believe things like;

 • The moon landing was fake

 • The ISS is fake

 • 9/11 was fake

 • The Earth is Flat

 • The Mandela Effect is real

 • Chemtrails are real

 • There is a shadow government

 • Eugenics programs are real

If you have started to question OfficialDUM, then you are probably walking a lonely road. You are not alone!

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Author Bio

John Kirwin has served in full and part-time ministry as a worship leader and pastor for over 30 years. He is the founder of Wakeuporelse, a 508 (c) (1) online Christian fellowship for the Truther community. With close to 5,000 subscribers and over 100,000 hours of views, Wakeuporelse PMA has been providing insight into the Truther's journey since 2017.