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Below are signed affidavits from;

  • Pastors

  • Church Leaders

  • Christian Influencers

They are all testifying under oath that the Bible is supernaturally changing to fulfil end times prophecy.

Signed affidavits as of 8/28/23 - 1

Dr. Paul Grafton Holt

Here is his signed affidavit




Dr Paul Grafton-Holt, BA, BTH MA, DA is a keynote speaker, theologian and an author of academic theology books. These books are mainly acquired by theology students to complete their coursework papers throughout the world. Indeed, Paul’s major markets are the UK, USA, Japan and Europe. Paul’s specialist area of expertise is Eschatology; he published his work on Luke’s View of the Afterlife which was completed during his doctoral studies. In this book he examines the intermediate state – the time between death and resurrection from a Lucan perspective. Paul has authored 12 books but his most successful one to-date is The King James Bible & The Quantum Effect where he explores the supernatural changes taking place to the Bible in the end-times in which we live. In this work Paul discusses the changes to popular culture, geography, anatomy and the Bible which are now common place (including existing printed Bible copies, as crazy as this sounds). This populist work outsells his other academic works by a large margin as it has seemingly captured the public’s attention. Whilst these changes affect all Bibles, he concentrates on the KJV (1769) as this is the one highly prized by purist Christendom and represents its last bastion before the draught for God’s scripture is finally established (Amos 8:11). All Paul’s books are available on and in good book stores.

Paul is a born-again Christian since his Damascus Road type conversion 20 years ago, coming late into the faith, age wise. His church (Church of England) persuaded him to undertake theological training and to subject his religious views to independent third-party examination. This embarked him on an 8-year study program to complete his ‘worldly’ education in the subject – though he believes all Spirit-filled believers are fully equipped to serve the Lord. Amongst other qualifications, Paul holds three degrees in theology, including a bachelor’s from the University of Wales – Trinity St. David (UK), a master’s from the university of Chester (UK) and a doctorate from Whitefield Theological Seminary (USA).

In addition to being a prolific author, Paul’s regularly speaks on the subject and contributes to pod-casts.

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